vendredi 5 avril 2013

Wine Bottle Garden


 This is how I made my self watering bottle garden. 
     It's really simple and a great way to up-cycle wine bottles.
     Plus you get to grow your own herbs for your cooking.

First you need a wine bottle that you'll be cutting in two 
with the help of a jig (see previous post) and the
 boiling water/ cold water technique. 
There is plenty of videos like this one on
 youtube showing how to do this so I'll skip this part.

It's important to sand down the edges of the bottle so
 you don't cut yourself.

                                             Then you take a cotton rope that you'll tie and
                                                    pass through the neck of the bottle.

Add a little bit of clay pellets

Add your plant

Add more pellets

Done !  Don't forget to water them periodically 
with an hydroponic solution. 

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