Focal Speakers

A friend of mine gave me some speakers recently so I have to build a enclosure. Here is a sketch of was I would like to achieve and a shot of the new drivers.

I bought the MDF and had it cut to the right dimensions, then started to assemble it.

Now a test to see if everything works. It does. Good. 

The next step is to add bracings to solidify and get the right volume for the woofer. Also install the port and seal everything.

After that I installed some cork sheets and felt on the interior walls. Also I filled the bottom compartment with concrete.

Now it's time to close everything up and make it look good.

06/01/12  Base Coat 

And clear coat;

almost finished....

Time for wetsanding and compound

You can see the Black cherry color in the picture above. It's actually a color code from KIA but with more (more) red pearl. Only up close and with good light you can see the metallic, from a certain distance it's just black.

Sweet ..... How does it look in my place now ?

This is the list of material I used and how much I spent on this project.

ABS Pipe               9.00
Tools                 10.00
Cutting fees           10.50
MDF board (5x 8.35$)  41.75
Sealant (2x 3.95$)    7.90
Cork Sheet (2x8.79$)       17.58
Concrete                   3.88
Primer (1L)          24.99
Felt                 12.00
Screw + Misc          10.00
Glue                   7.00
Connectors(2x4.50)           9.00
Paint (estimate)                 50.00
ClearCoat (leftovers)          0.00
Speaker Wire           5.00

For a total of about 220 $ For the enclosures only

Stick around because I have already ordered the components for my next project !
I'll need a decent amp to drive these speakers so next i'll be building a 80 W dual mono amp.

One last thing, thanks a lot to Bret for the nice drivers he sent me. This project was more than just building speakers, it helped me figure out that I still have (and need) to learn.